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So all those stereotypes about French people being tall and skinny are true.  And by people I don't just mean actual people, even the image on crosswalk signals are stick-thin (no really, I'm being completely serious; on an entirely different note, crosswalk signals change depending on what part of France/country you are in. Apparently in one area of France the signal to stop walking is posed with his hands on his hips, in a very ~sassy way). Even drinks are tall and skinny. Okay I'll stop now about that. 

Anyway, I have now been in France for ~24 hours now. Got scammed by the taxi driver (why am I not surprised by this...), but got to Y's place all in one place. She's staying with an old land lady, and the apartment is appropriately and stereotypically very old, european-lady-ish. Actually, now that I think about it, if Umbridge lived in an apartment in Bordeaux, it would be furnished and decorated just like this (with all the pink, floral accents and everything). 

Y introduced me to her EAP friend, M, at the Place de la Victoire. There's a huge turtle statue there, which I should've photographed but didn't want to look to touristy to actually take my camera out to do so. We continued to our walk toward the Grand Théâtré, as depicted above. They are currently showing Macbeth there! Which I am slightly tempted to see, except not because I don't actually like Shakespeare. Also, if it'll be in French there's a 99.99% chance that I will be asleep before the end of act 1.

We also went into the Chocolaterie biscuiterie larnicol MOF, a really pretty bakery/chocolate shop that has impressively won a Very Important Competition (Meilleur ouvrier de france) of Great Honor. Also, I have realized that French people only capitalize the first letter of any title, which both confuses and annoys me. I want to capitalize ALL the things. 

Today, I also finally got a French SIM card from Orange. The salesman there was extremely nice to me and accepting of my shit French, which is maybe uncommon as Y's salesman from Orange in August was quite rude. Well anyway,  getting a new SIM card: success. 

Another mild success was my first phone call in French to my host family. I worried a lot over it (because, really who can actually understand me? Or better question, who can I actually understand?) so Y and I wrote out a script. Except my host family went off script by not responding with "comment ça va?" after I re-introduced myself. Also they asked about my jet-lag (décalage horaire) but I was already long gone by that sentence and just responded with "...nerh?" 

Hopefully when I meet them in person tomorrow I will be able to respond with actual comprehensible phrases, rather than nervous grunts.

This is of no great importance, but after (finally) figuring out the password to Y's wifi and connecting, websites started showing me French advertisements. How odd. Though really all I hear is noise instead of a commercial when I see them. Also we watched some Pokémon + Extreme Makeover: Home edition on the tv, which was mildly comprehensible to me (I want to say I could understand everything that's going on, but maybe 50% of what's being actually said). Seeing people who are clearly not French talking in French is so awkward. Dubbing in general is just awkward to me, especially when the depicted lips are clearly closed, but sentences are still being heard. Also, Ash in French sounds like a 40 year old man. How are little kids not freaked out by that like I am? 

A carousel was right across from the Grand Théâtré. I wanted to ride on it but then decided that I didn't want to actually spend money riding. But I live pretty close to downtown, so sometime within the next 6 months there should be a chance that I'll change my mind. 


This has nothing to do with France, but I just watched Sherlock (Season 2 just came out!!!!1111!!!11!1!!) I have just been Sherlocked. I don't want to spoil anyone, but if you haven't had the chance you should definitely watch it! It makes me want to read the actual novels even though they are 1938491837491738941374918234 pages long. Also Benedict is just amazing in every role he does (Stuart: A Life Backwards...). <3 Now I'm excited for The Hobbit, but really only because Martin Freeman will be Bilbo. >>   


Date: 2012-01-04 09:41 pm (UTC)
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Also, Ash in French sounds like a 40 year old man.


Are you going to ALL THE EUROPEAN PLACES? Are you going to THE LOUVRE? Will you see AMAZING ART from ALL THE ARTISTS?

Date: 2012-01-05 04:22 am (UTC)
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\o/ Go ALL THE PLACES. And EAT ALL THE FOOD. Did you have one of those adorable little macarons? OMG could you just go to all the p√Ętisseries and take pictures and eateateat and tell my about what your tastebuds are feeling???

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