May. 1st, 2012


May. 1st, 2012 11:38 pm
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 I'm sorry I've stopped updating! 

This is a picture from last week, a Simple Plan concert. :) I'll stop using initials for people's names because it's getting way too confusing. Recently I've been hanging out a lot with Paul, a guy from L.A. who moved to Bordeaux immediately after high school. He's been living in the city now for almost 2 years, and has been taking classes at the same university as me. We're both enrolled in the same theater class, which is how we've become friends. Since Paul has been here for so long (and since he's very outgoing and social and friendly), I've been introduced to many of his friends. 

Anyway, one of his good friends is David, a native Asian-Frenchie. We've actually met a couple weeks ago, but have been hanging out more lately. He's super cute, ahahaha. ;) We mostly talk in English because he likes to laugh at my French. But anyway, he had 2 tickets to a Simple Plan concert that his friend invited him to, except the same friend (who's a big fan) who invited him ending up bailing on him the day of. So David invited me instead. 

It wasn't a bad concert, We the Kings opened the show. The only thing was that David and I aren't exactly big fans (or at all) of Simple Plan's music. >> We were both there awkwardly amidst a crowd of screaming fans. But it was still a lot of fun. We mostly chatted throughout the whole thing. I got excited every time I heard a song that I actually knew. (David really only knew one song, the one they sing in French, haha). Also Simple Plan's from Canada, so their French was hard for me to understand because Quebecois is really not French at all...

The weather in Bordeaux has also been really bad lately. It's been rainy and cloudy a lot (which everyone tells me is not natural at all for April in Bordeaux). :( Hopefully it will stop raining soon because David and I are supposed to play tennis on Thursday! 
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L'arc~en~Ciel concert! It was an amazing concert. I've been rewatching my videos all the time. 

:) I went with Kathy. Both of us have been obsessed with the band since 8th grade, and what a coincidence that we were both on break when they came all the way to Paris to play. :3 We only waited in line for around 4 hours, but got an amazing view. There was a VIP section (which we couldn't enter as we didn't have those tickets), but were front row for the none-VIP section. (Although, to be honest, it was pretty far from the actual stage). 

They played all of my favorite songs, which made my life. :)  Hyde looked younger than ever. Ken spoke in French to the audience (though I had a reallllly hard time understanding it). Each member of the Band had their own MC/Solo (except Yuki who never said anything). Tetsu was amazing in his Bass solo! 

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