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So pictures of Porto and Paris will not be coming till a bit later. :X Yeah, I know. I suck at uploading stuff. 

This is just a post on how excited I am about everything! 

R. is as big of a Disneyland person as I am, so when we found out about Disneyland Paris we were both itching to go. We've actually already purchased Paris train tickets (68 euros roundtrip!) and have found and rented an apartment that's literally 5 minutes away (walking) from the Disneyland.  

All that's left is getting the tickets! We are most likely going to buy an annual pass (lol) because it's cheaper than getting a 3 day ticket. Also we'll be getting 10% off all stores and restaurants. :D I'm most definitely coming back in May or June, because the Disneyland will be celebrating a 20th Anniversary during those months! <3 Also for my upcoming vacation, I'll be going to Berlin for a couple of days. It turns out that a friend of mine from Berkeley is already there (K.) and so I'll be staying with her during my time in Berlin. :) R's boyfriend is actually in the same program as K. and they both live in the same apartment complex! As it turns out, R. will be in Berlin visiting her boyfriend on the same days that I'm there. :) We'll both be exploring the city together during the times that her boyfriend and my friend have class. I love it when things turn out great like this! 
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